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Layzie Bone

Layzie aka #1 Assassin aka L-Burna

Real Name: Steven Howse


Steven Verdell Howse was born in Cleveland Ohio on September 23, 1974. He grew up in a house with 2 brothers and one sister. His two brothers Stanley and Stew are known to fans as Flesh-N-Bone and Stew Deez, respectively; Layzie also has a brother named Jai. He was introduced to music at a young age by his family. In 7th Grade he met and became friends with Anthony Henderson, who would later be named Krayzie Bone. When he was 15, he met Bryon McCane (Bizzy Bone), after being first introduced to Bryon’s talent by way of a rapsheet left on his bed. For his Sophomore year of high school, he was sent to Texas to live with an uncle and at this time he was missing his friends Anthony and Bryon, as well his cousin Charlie (Wish Bone). He starts thinking of them rapping together again. When he got back to Cleveland, he shared his thoughts with them of making it big time in the music industry and this would be the start of Bone as a group. [For continuation of the Group check out the Group bio page]

While in the group, Bone thugs n harmony, Layzie becaume the leader and spokesperson working very closely with legendary rapper, N.W.A. member and Ruthless Records founder, Eazy E on decisions pertaining to single releases, artist imagery, marketing, and overall branding for the group. Eazy E died on March 26, 1995, which prompted Layzie, alongside with Krayzie, to form the label Mo Thugs Records, comprized of artists & friends of hometown Cleveland. Krayzie would leave Mo thug Records with Layzie in 1998 to form Thugline Records. On March of 2001, he released his first solo album Thug By Nature. Through the years he’s collaborated on many other artists albums, as well as starred in a few independent movies.

Layzie is sticking to his success of branding new artists in his latest endeavor entitled Harmony Howse Entertainment. HHE is a fully equipped entertainment company that consists of music, movies, books, distribution, publishing, Internet radio and much more.

Not only has Layzie Bone lived his dreams through determination and leadership but Layzie is set to make history in an even greater capacity than ever before. Get to know Layzie Bone, the husband, father, artist, actor, writer/poet and most of and philanthropist who believes that Teamwork makes the dream work. (T.E.A.M) Together Everyone Achieves More. Follow Layzie on Twitter @LayzieBTNH.



Thug By Nature | Lyrics




1. Carole of the Bones

2. Battlefield

3. Connectin’ the Plots

4. Fear No Man

5. Time Will Tell

6. Where You Goin? (Skit)

7. How Long Will It Last

8. Deadly Musical

9. Fire in tha Hole (Skit)

10. There They Go

11. My Niggaz

12. Still the Greatest

13. Make My Day

14. Lock-n-Load

15. Up against the Wall

16. Thug by Nature

17. Smoke On

18. Listen

19. As the Rain

It’s Not A Game | Lyrics


1. It’s Not a Game

2. There They Go

3. Midwest Invasion

4. Ain’t No Waitin

5. Thug Nation

6. I Don’t Remember

7. Stayin’ Alive

8. Nothin’

9. Connectin’ the Plots

10. Choppin’ Game (Skit)

11. Way Too Many

12. Thugged Out

13. 2 Step

14. She Came ta Party

15. Do You Want Me

16. It’s On

17. Smokin’ on Information

18. Run Game

19. The Movement

20. Outro

The New Revolution | Lyrics


1. Intro

2. Vote For Me

3. Mo’ Murder

4. For My Weed Heads

5. Midwest-Westcoast Connection

6. From The 99

7. For The Thugs That’s Gone

8. Wanted To Be A Soldier

9. Say Lady

10. Skit

11. I Get Higher

12. Street

13. Touchdown

14. These Hi Power Soldiers

15. Outro Mixxx

Cleveland | Lyrics


1. Cleveland

2. The Recipe

3. They Don’t Know

4. Lockdown Love

5. All for You

6. Po Po

7. Armed and Dangerous

8. Ride Out

9. Real Niggas

10. Murder

11. Punch in the Mouth

12. Outro

13. Kick Rockz

14. We Gone Ride

15. Thug Life

16. Tonight

17. The World

18. They Hate

19. I’m Good

20. Get In Get Out

Thugz Nation | Lyrics


1. Intro

2. You Know My Name

3. Chillin’ Like A Muthafucka

4. Toast 2 That

5. We Ain’t Hard To Find

6. Bone Thug Boys

7. This Is A Warning

8. Runnin’ Up On Da Punk Police

9. Odds Against Me

10. Fresh To Def

11. Cold Muthafuckers

12. Mind On This Money

13. Slide With A Playa

14. She’s So Fresh

15. Callin’ All Bitches

16. Bonus Thug Track

17. Outro

The Definition | Lyrics


A New Life

Hear ‘Em Knockin

Ain’t Nothin’ To Me

If I Can’t Do It


1. A New Life

2. My Hood

3. Spend the Night

4. Hear ‘Em Knockin

5. Grind Hard

6. Chasing Paper

7. Thugs Hold It Down

8. Lucky 7′s

9. The Definition

10. We Show Love

11. Word Is

12. Ain’t Nothin’ to Me

13. Enjoy the View

14. Like It Used to Be

15. America

16. If I Can’t Do It

The Meaning | Lyrics


We At It Again

Every Night


1. The Game Ain’t Ready

2. We At It Again

3. Real As It Gets

4. I’m That Fly

5. Every Night

6. Do Ya Thang

7. The Syndrome

8. Difficult Question

9. Better Days

10. Now A Days

11. Everybody

12. Fight II

13. She Bad

14. Ride The Wave

15. Magazine

16. Top Of The List

Laws of Attraction | Lyrics


1. Realest on the Rise

2. Where You Been Layzie

3. On My Own

4. Cold City

5. Chiefin in my Wahoo

6. 1 Day At A Time

7. Grind Hard

8. Pac Man

9. Go Bad

10. At The Top

11. Go

12. Exception to the Rule

13. Everything Big

14. Success

15. Somebodies Watching Me

16. Money to Be Made

17. Tweetin

18. Put The Gun To Ya

19. 60 Second Assassins

20. Take Whats Mines

21. Law of AttractionLimited Edition:

minus Go Bad

plus Intro, Outro, and My Way